Foundational AMS Proficiencies
Ray Gentry
8 a.m.

Learn how to lead better by studying these proficiencies of being an effective Associational Leader as delineated by the SBCAL Study Team in 2018.

Relational Competencies (for associational mission strategists only)
Glenn Davis
9:30 a.m.

Many associational mission strategists have years of experience in ministry which can offer help to pastors and churches. Relational proficiencies such as emotional intelligence and supportive coaching provide the conduit to deliver that help. Address what the Bible teaches about the value of these skills, how to evaluate and how to improve your relational proficiencies, and behaviors which undermine these skills.

Strategic Proficiencies
Mark Elliot
11 a.m.

An overview of 6 proficiencies for the association mission strategist that fall into the general category of strategic: Vision Caster, Strategic Thinker, Church Consultant, Leadership Multiplier, Church Analyst, and Good Communicator.

Leading Churches through Pastoral Transitions
Mark Elliot
2:15 p.m.

An associational mission strategist with 26 years of experience shares about insights gleaned and resources used while proactively working with pastor search committees.

Develop Multiple Associational Income Streams
Rich Halcombe
3:45 p.m.

Missions requires money. Discover 12 streams of income a Midwestern association used in 2018 to grow its revenue from $293k in 2004 to $2.6M, plus how to increase your association’s revenue.

Become a More Effective Leader
Th 8 a.m.

A panel of current AMS practitioners will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing associations today. A panel moderator will gather questions and facilitate the discussion.